Go head-to-head with your favorite Nickelodeon characters in this fast-paced mobile racing game!

You can steer your Kart by touching the screen on your device to the left or the right. Touching Left will move your Kart to the Left of the Track while Right will steer your Kart to the Right of the Track.

At the start of a race Tap the screen when the countdown reaches GO! This will start your Kart Racer off with a speed boost!

Karts accelerate automatically and will gain or lose speed depending on how well you maneuver through the tracks! During the race, Action Meters will pop up on-screen to help your Kart perform special moves. Tap the screen when the Red Arrow is in the Green zone to stay ahead and be the first to cross the finish line!


When you take a tight turn, you'll get a prompt to Drift. Tap when the Red Arrow on the Action Meter is in the Yellow or Green Zones for a speed boost!

TIP: Tapping when the meter is in the Green Zone will give you the biggest speed boost! Pair it with a well-timed SLIME BOOST for a HUGE speed bump!


When approaching a ramp, you will be prompted to Jump! Similar to the Drift command, Tap when the  Red Arrow is in the Green Zone for a speed boost!


All Karts have a Slime Boost! Tap on the Slime Boost button when filled to activate it! Driving over Slime on the Track will refill a Karts Slime Boost.


Tracks can have Boost Pads that help your Kart speed up during a race. Rolling over Boost Pads will speed up your Kart for a limited time!


If a player uses a Slime Boost just before hitting a Boost Pad

The player will get an increased boost speed that exceeds what they can normally get for a normal Slime Boost / Boost Pad


Oil Slicks will slow down your Kart. Karts should try and avoid them.


The Grand Prix is a  series of races where the player races their unlocked Karts to open up more Tracks, collect Slime Coins, and win Rewards!

The player must race their owned Karts to win the Cup and unlock the next Cup. Certain races will have additional requirements to unlock them such as how many Karts a player owns or a specific Kart. locked cups indicate the number of Karts or specific Karts required to unlock them.