You are able to prevent this from happening by changing the in-app purchase settings on your personal device. Please see below for instructions:

Apple Device (iPhone, iPad, etc.)
1. Tap 'Settings', then tap, 'Screen Time'
2. From the Screen Time menu, tap 'Content & Privacy Restrictions. If asked, enter your device's passcode and/or activate 'Content & Privacy Restrictions' by tapping the switch.
3. Tap 'iTunes & App Store Purchases'.
4. Locate 'In-app Purchases' in the list and set to 'Don't Allow'.

Android Device
1. Go to the Settings of the Google Play Store App.
2. Tap 'User Controls'
3. Adjust the setting to "Require password for purchases' and set it to your desired password.
(Enabling this setting will require your personal password in order to make any purchase.)

**We strongly encourage any parent or guardian to utilize these features to prevent accidental purchases. Large one-time purchases or many purchases made over time without the knowledge of the card-holder may be subject to a case-by-case analysis before a refund is issued. For more information about refunds, please refer to our Refund Policy FAQ here in Helpshift. Thank you for understanding.**